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We are an ambitious school that combines traditional British educational values and culture with a modern and innovative outlook. Our outstanding staff not only impart top-quality education, they also foster a safe and nurturing learning environment in our small class setting. I am sure that your journey with our school will be a fun, rewarding and successful experience.

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A Typical Day

Our full-time school runs between 08:30 and 15:20 (UK time) Monday to Friday, with mid-morning and lunch breaks. Individual timings and classes are detailed on your timetable.

The day begins with a focus session, either assembly or discussion, which is followed by registration. This is a perfect opportunity to catch-up with teachers and friends, and prepare for the day ahead before starting lessons.

After school, students can attend a society and socialise with friends or engage with their personal sports and hobbies. All we ask, is that you also make time to focus on your homework.

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    Our Ethos

    We recognise that by creating borderless learning, children naturally embrace multiculturalism. We foster respect for all – students and teachers alike.
    Our broad-minded approach leads to an understanding and appreciation of the rich dimensions of diversity as we learn from societies across the world.

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    Our Philosophy

    Our philosophy of education is student-centered, developing a love of wisdom by encouraging students to challenge and question through thought-provoking engagement.
    At Oxbridge Online School we value both classical and modern philosophical approaches to education and appreciate that a balanced academic career lies in combining nurturing and stimulating education, which inspires a love of learning.

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    Our Commitment

    The Oxbridge Online School team are committed to empowering our students and equipping them with the academic integrity and emotional intelligence life skills.


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    Prof. Raja Nagarajan

    Chancellor of Oxbridge Online School & Middlesex University London Professor

  • Online Learning London

    Louise Warriar

    Founder and Vice Chancellor of Oxbridge Online School

  • Online Secondary School

    Dr Barnaby Martin

    Chair of Oxbridge Online School Council


  • Oxbridge Online School has given our son back his love of learning, after attending a state secondary school with disruptive classrooms and poor quality teaching we made the decision to try online schooling. Thankfully we found Oxbridge Online School, our son is now confident, happy and is working above his age level in most subjects. The teachers are enthusiastic, dedicated and professional, the education platform is easy to use and communication with the school is fantastic. We are so happy that we found Oxbridge Online School and can’t recommend it highly enough.

    Lynn and Leon - parents
  • “My son has been part of Oxbridge since its inception. The best part of his classes is that he loves the students and all the teachers. The setting encourages him to discuss and share in the virtual classrooms with teachers and other students. Their rigorous curriculum challenges students to analyze, think critically and creatively to facilitate problem solving. He is exceptionally fond of the study skills class, which culminated in developing lasting lifelong relationships. The online portal fosters independence and a drive for curiosity. I would recommend Oxbridge to any student who is seeking a student friendly and social environment along with academic rigor that is inculcated by highly qualified teachers.”

    Ganga - parent
  • "My son attended Oxbridge Online School. His confidence has improved with encouragement to interact and ask questions. Classes are small and it is like having a personal tutor in your living room. Online resources are engaging, and parents can view their child’s work and progress. Unlike other online options that we tried; children can see each other through the video which ensures that they feel connected to the class. One of the surprising benefits that I did not anticipate was the removal of hierarchy. Because behaviour is not an issue, children can feel relaxed and speak to their adult on equal terms, which is good learning for assertiveness and moving into the workplace. I would recommend Oxbridge Online school."

    Amy - parent
  • “I really enjoy being a student at Oxbridge school. I prefer the small class sizes and the other children are nice. I also like being able to ask my teachers questions, which I used to find difficult. One of the best things was that I can work at my own speed and do not have to wait around for other students to finish their work."

    James - student
  • “I have enjoyed everything in the school so far. All the classes are extremely fun and exciting to attend. I think the difficulty level is perfect, so I am able to keep up and understand everything.”

    Saarang - student
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