Online School Can be a Great Alternative for Students with Autism, Here’s Why…

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Traditional school environments can be a struggle for some students on the Autism spectrum. Noisy hallways and classrooms full of distractions can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to maintain consistent focus. Most teachers in traditional schools (through no fault of their own) are not fully equipped to sufficiently control these environments and ensure that every student gets the care and attention they deserve. Often class sizes are simply too big and diverse in ability range and learning style to be conducive to learning for all. 

Here are some all-important differences that make the Oxbridge Online School a more positive learning environment for students with Autism… 

Classroom Dynamics

Small class sizes help keep the dynamic of our online classrooms light, conversational and free-flowing. Without the pressures of handling a large group, teachers can tailor their approach to each student and zero in on what works best for them, while staying focused on the learning objectives of the day. Students also stay alert and engaged without the distractions of a traditional classroom, with a teacher speaking directly to them and regular opportunities to have their own voices heard.


Structure is important, and we know that routine is key to the wellbeing and progress of all secondary age students – especially those learning from home. Our school day begins at 08.30am and runs until 16.00pm (UK time) with mid-morning and lunch breaks – we find that the breaks split the day into manageable chunks that are great for focus. Each day begins with a focus session or assembly, which often takes the form of a discussion – this kick-starts our students’ minds and gets them into learning mode, and after school students can attend a society of their choosing, socialise with friends or engage with their personal sports/hobbies. Our days are highly structured and well balanced, with a place for all the important elements students need for development. Unlike many traditional schools we can effectively orchestrate routines for everyone individually through their digital devices as there is no disruptive moving from class to class. 

Clear, Comfortable Heads

A huge factor in many students with Autism opting for online school is that traditional school environments create anxiety which heavily disrupts their learning. In the comfort of their own homes, students feel safe and relaxed and are ready to learn to the best of their ability. All of our teachers and our excellent learning enrichment team are well versed in which students might need 5 minutes to step away from time-to-time, and on particularly difficult days, parents are nearby to lend a hand as a last resort. 

Blog by Oxbridge Online School

Live and Interactive 

At the Oxbridge Online School, we’re proud of everything online school can offer students that traditional schools can’t (just read our other blogs!) – but there’s one thing we will always preserve from traditional schools, and that’s keeping our classes live and interactive. Some online schools opt for either a part or fully E-learning-based experience, and we understand why as a parent, if you start to feel that your child is more comfortable with digital learning, it can be tempting to go down that route. However, we are determined to preserve what we see as the precious and enriching experience of social learning. In a live, interactive classroom you never know where the discussion might lead or what new sides to themselves students will reveal as they go from strength-to-strength before our very eyes. 


Blog by Oxbridge Online School

For more details on what a typical day at the Oxbridge Online School looks like, including programmes of study, learning, teaching, and socialising, please visit our  ‘structure’ page.

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