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It’s easy for students to get lost in the shuffle in traditional school environments. Students’ untapped potential can be overlooked, struggling students go without the extra help they need, and one-to-one teacher attention can be extremely rare. Some learning styles suit such environments just fine, but that’s not always the case, especially when a child has a learning difficulty like Dyslexia.

Dyslexia doesn’t have to hold you back, the way education is delivered just needs to be adapted. Dyslexic students regularly go on to get fantastic results, go to top universities and get top jobs. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t need a helping hand or specially tailored resources when they were at school.

Blog by Oxbridge Online School

Dyslexia can too often goes undiagnosed until adulthood, leaving people wondering what they could’ve achieved if they had the help and resources they needed. Even when diagnosed, depending on the school students attend, the help available is very variable.

Support for Dyslexic students is something we pride ourselves on at The Oxbridge Online School, so with it being Dyslexia Awareness Month in the UK, we thought we’d share a short piece on how we identify and help students with Dyslexia.


One of the pillars of our philosophy is our student-centred approach. It means that every student (whether we think they might be Dyslexic or not) sits down with our Learning Enrichment Team to identify their learning style and ensure that our teachers are equipped with the tools to deliver bespoke learning.

Further to this, all students undergo screening tests designed to uncover any underlying difficulties and further professional referrals can be made where appropriate. We see this kind of personal care and attention as the core of what we do so will never charge anything extra along the way.

As can sometimes be the case, if Dyslexia remains undiscovered, our teachers are trained to pay the utmost attention to each and every student and how they are responding in class. This is made possible by our small class sizes, and by the fact that all our teachers buy into our philosophy, ensuring that no one goes overlooked. 

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Continued Support

Provisions for Dyslexic students during assessments or examinations are the absolute bare minimum. If a student hasn’t been properly supported up until examination, adjustments during assessments are unlikely to be sufficient. Notwithstanding, The Oxbridge Online School is equipped to provide the following arrangements during assessment:

  • Scribe / Speech Recognition Technology
  • Reader / Text-to-Speech Reading Technology
  • Reading Aloud / Examination Reading Pen Technology
  • Coloured Papers
  • Enlarged Papers
  • Modified Language Papers
  • Transcription of Listening Tests/Videos
  • Extra time
  • Supervised Rest breaks

*These provisions can be extended to class and homework where appropriate.

Beyond this, we offer regular study skills sessions – which we’ve come to provide to all students – to provide them with strategies and techniques to excel in reading, writing and communication skills.

Each student has a guidance counsellor to watch over their emotional needs, which can so often stem from difficulties in the classroom. Counsellors also offer another pair of eyes to monitor students’ academic development.

Our Learning Enrichment Team works closely with our Dyslexic students, maintaining a consistent rapport to stimulate an open and friendly relationship and provide as much or as little support as is needed.

There is no single silver bullet to help Dyslexic students, but continual and subtle consideration of their specific needs is key. Small class sizes and knowledgeable teaching staff who are invested in every single student are our biggest asset. There are very simple measures that all teachers can take to help students build their confidence and go from strength to strength. These include not asking them to read aloud, expecting them to produce less written work than other students & allowing them to respond to tasks verbally rather than in writing.

Going about all of these adjustments in a subtle way that lets the student know that they are on level pegging with every other student in their class is key to confidence building.


Blog by Oxbridge Online School

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