Choosing the right online school & empowering your child to transition smoothly into remote learning

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Homeschooling has exploded with popularity in recent years. The availability of quality options like The Oxbridge Online School has given parents and students the confidence to take the bold steps that can lead to far more fruitful academic careers than traditional schooling environments.

Notwithstanding, there are a great many online schools taking advantage of this emerging space, and some are far better than others. Furthermore, once you choose the right online school, making the transition can still be tough—for students and parents alike. Here are our tips on making that all-important choice and empowering your child to make the best of the exciting opportunity online school presents.

Blog by Oxbridge Online School

Do your research

A varied approach is key. Many online schools have fantastic websites full of useful information and these are great starting points—read them from top to bottom and if you like what you see, get in touch and ask some difficult questions…

Find someone who has been through this process before, either for online school or another form of homeschooling—ask them what they like/what was lacking in their experience. Every issue they might have with their school can be resolved by the right online school.

Talk to as many people as possible from schools you are considering. You may be looking into remote schooling, but you shouldn’t feel distanced from the school, and they shouldn’t seem robotic with their responses. Talk to teaching staff, alumni and their parents. If the school will not put you in touch with any, then they might not have as good of a reputation as they profess.

Put your child first

At The Oxbridge Online School, we practice a student-centred approach, and this starts from admissions. The idea to switch to online school may have come from student or parent, but the key question is—is it right for the child as an individual? What are their likes and dislikes? And what has led to this consideration in the first place? What are the important ingredients needed to fill the holes that were unfilled in a traditional environment? If you hold these considerations in mind at every point of your search, then you’re likely to make the right decision.

Blog by Oxbridge Online School

Give them roots & wings

Online school is a great option for families with strict travel regimes. This is one reason why online school needs to be a decidedly stabilizing force. This starts with a workspace for the student inside the home. It might double up for another use at other times, but during school hours it should be set up with care and respected as any other traditional school environment should be.

This being said, their school life is not part of their home life—they need space to grow just like any other child. The things that are taken for granted at traditional schools can be missed by students and parents transitioning into online school, like some students needing time to themselves to wind down after school.

While academic performance is of the utmost importance, it isn’t everything. Encourage and give them the freedom to follow their extracurricular interests. Understand that their school life could represent most (or all) of their social lives away from family. At the Oxbridge Online School we keep time reserved for students to socialise with one another, and while as a parent it’s nice to keep a healthy interest in this, it’s also important to let them own that space.

Our current after-school clubs for this academic year include debating, student government, the stock market game, and our termly digital technologies & cryptocurrency series!

Be patient

If you have chosen the right online school with your child’s individuality in mind and given them a strong base and the freedom to follow their own path, trust that it will come good—it may just take some time.


Blog by Oxbridge Online School

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