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At the Oxbridge Online School we deliver a classical British education with a modern outlook. This means that our curriculum is designed specifically to equip our students with the qualifications, skills, and all-round enrichment that will help them gain entry into the world’s top universities.

Intrinsic to this is providing students with as many diverse extra-curricular opportunities as possible, and conducting these activities with an exciting, forward-thinking approach that not only prepares them for the well-established academic challenges of further education, but for the opportunities and challenges of a future in the digital age.

Blog by Oxbridge Online School

Chancellor of The Oxbridge Online School, Professor Raja Nagarajan is Head of Foundations of Computing Group in the Department of Computer Science at Middlesex University London, and is leading our latest series of weekly workshops on future and digital technologies.

Raja is equipped with a wealth of knowledge from a truly global background in computer science. Having completed an undergraduate degree at IIT Madras, a Master’s degree at the University of Delaware, and a PhD at Imperial College London, he has held positions at the University of Warwick, Instituto Superior Técnico, the University of California, and the University of Calgary. He has over twenty years of experience teaching undergraduates and postgraduates at university level.

His experiences, along with his infectious enthusiasm for new and challenging technologies, and knack for conveying complex information and igniting new interests in young people make him an invaluable resource for our students. His personal passion led him to pursue this series of workshops which kicked off last week with a session on cryptocurrency.

Mystifying to many, cryptocurrency is becoming an increasing presence in everyday life, and while it might make some of us feel uneasy about the future, one thing seems for certain—it’s not going anywhere.

Bitcoin, especially, has taken the world by storm. Since emerging in 2008 the price of Bitcoin has seen a meteoric rise, sitting at around $14 in early 2013, it reached a peak of over $64,000 in April 2021.  

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While it has had a turbulent time since then, we now have a situation where Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming part of the new normal. Many companies allow payment for products and services with virtual currencies, and new currencies and are being created all the time.

A study by HSB in 2020 found that one third of small-medium sized businesses in the US already accept cryptocurrency and even some major organisations trade in Bitcoin. As you might expect these include digital platforms like Microsoft and Wikipedia, but you might be surprised to learn that you can book a holiday with Bitcoin through Expedia, and even buy a fast-food meal at some Subway and KFC restaurants using the virtual currency!

While we can shy away from new and emerging technologies like crypto, a basic knowledge of some of their finer points may well be vital in years to come. That’s why Raja wanted to start our digital workshops off with a bang—by giving students some money to invest and learn to manage in Bitcoin!

Such is the availability of information, some students already had a cursory knowledge of cryptocurrency, but the session was a great opportunity to reflect on the real-world ramifications of crypto, with Raja stimulating a discussion grounded in academic principal and personal responsibility.

The potential dangers of decentralized, deregulated currency were not overlooked in the session, but we believe that the best way to prepare our students for the technologies they will inevitably face in later life is to introduce them early with as much openness and clarity as possible.


Blog by Oxbridge Online School

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