Home education numbers rise by 75%

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The number of children registering for home education in the UK rose by 75% in the first eight months of the current school year, according to BBC research.

This rise is widely believed to be due to covid-19 related anxieties, but the study also indicates that many parents have taken the decision to home-school their children as their progress in traditional school was suffering.

At the Oxbridge Online school, we are approached by many parents in this position—let down by the schooling system, whether through the pandemic specifically or its more entrenched systemic issues.

Blog by Oxbridge Online School

Traditional schooling environments can often leave students feeling left behind or unchallenged. Large class sizes, behaviour management issues and discrepancy in ability within classes play a huge roll in this. At the Oxbridge Online School, we avoid pure e-learning, keeping our classes live and engaging, delivered by our passionate expert teachers, but conduct them with our student-centred approach at their core—tailoring everything to the individual student and their progress, in small class sizes so that no one goes overlooked.

Without a solid long-term plan in place, a rushed decision to home-educate is certainly ill-advised. But with expert help on your side, it could be ideally suited to your child’s needs, and can be a far more efficient way to learn and develop. With our unique expertise and experience, we pride ourselves on finding the most effective ways for each child to learn—education is never one size fits all. We believe strongly that our philosophy to remote learning has a big role to play in ironing out some of the upheaval caused by the pandemic.

The BBC article that accompanies this new research asserts that, for some, the arrival of the virus was just the final push towards transitioning to home schooling, and that many have no intention of going back to a traditional school environment.

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Perhaps one positive to be taken from the pandemic is that it has shown parents and students alike that high-quality resources and tried and tested alternatives like the Oxbridge Online School are readily available.

Students and parents that would never have gone down a home or remote-learning route are taking bold steps toward alternative avenues, and many are learning that they are a much better fit. Notwithstanding, making the move to home education is a huge decision for parent and child, and we urge anyone who is considering making the change to come forward, talk to the experts, and consult the Oxbridge Online School today.

Read the full BBC article on this latest research.


Blog by Oxbridge Online School

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