Mythbuster: Homeschooling is bad for children

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If there is one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it is that homeschooling works. In some ways, for those of us who have always advocated homeschooling, it is a welcome reinforcement, particularly in response to those who have long claimed, "homeschooling is bad for children".

Online schooling, or e-learning, is, of course, a form of homeschooling, but perhaps not how many had imagined it. When you mention homeschooling, many people immediately think of a chaotic atmosphere with parents flitting around, struggling to teach their children and balance running the house simultaneously.

In fact, for many years now, the only part of homeschooling that bears any relation to the home is where it takes place; the schooling aspect is often carried out online.

Still, homeschooling has its critics. Below you will find some of their 'go-to' arguments for why homeschooling is wrong and why these are nothing but myths based on fiction and fantasy...

"Didn't you know? It is illegal to home school your child."

Although the law in the UK and many other countries around the world states that all children most receive an adequate education that sufficiently prepares them for life, how they receive that education is the parents' choice. Parents can choose to educate their children themselves if that is what they want. However, most opt for some form of online school to take on that role.

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At the Oxbridge Online School, we are committed to empowering our students and equipping them with the academic integrity and emotional intelligence foundations for life. We actively embed equality, diversity and inclusion into the classroom, and the entire school community, by respecting the identity and belief systems of our students, parents/careers and teachers.

"I wouldn't want my child just to sit there and watch a screen for their schooling."

Thus Is not how most online schools work, and it is certainly not how we do things at the Oxbridge Online School. All lessons are carried out via a fully interactive video-calling system that allows for seamless two-way communication. Ensuring both teacher and pupil can have their say and share their opinion at all times.

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In many cases, online schools have the ability to provide a higher level of feedback and interaction with their pupils versus traditional schools, as they don't have the same cost overheads and staffing limitations; therefore, class sizes are often much smaller. All pupils at the Oxbridge Online School receive constant feedback on their progress via one-to-one sessions, everyone is seen and heard, and no one is left behind.

"But online schools don't have any extracurricular activities!"

The idea that online schools don't have any form of extracurricular activities is indeed another work of fiction. The truth is that many online schools offer an array of extracurricular activities for children of all ages to partake in, and this is also the case at Oxbridge.

We believe that a moderate amount of physical activity is good for both our physical and mental health. That is why, every day, we have our mid-morning exercise sessions, which we call Energise! These are led by our PE or Dance teacher, and all the pupils are encouraged to take part.

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Our extracurricular programme is growing, and at the time of writing this article, we offer the chance for our pupils to get involved in Student Government, the Student Newsletter, Culture and Conversation in either French, German or Spanish, and debating.

When it is safe to travel again, we will also resume both local and international trips.

"Online schools only provide a limited curriculum, and I want my child to have a proper, classical education."

The Secondary Curriculum (ages 11-18) at the Oxbridge Online School reflects the modern and progressive nature of the world in which we five. As a private institution, we are unlimited in the subjects we can offer our students.

Therefore, in many cases, online schools can provide a broader curriculum than public schools. At the Oxbridge Online School, we offer a vast range of languages including, English Language, English Literature, French, Spanish, German, and Latin; a range of STEM subjects, such as Computing, Mathematics, and Science; as well as a selection of humanities including, History, Anthropology of Religious Belief Perspectives, Geography, and Philosophy.

Homeschooling isn't so bad after all

Forbes Research and Markets forecast that the online education market will be one of this decade's fastest-growing markets. This growth in the popularity of online schools is a reflection of modern life, with many parents discovering that online schools can, in many cases, provide a more effective education than those available to them in their local area.

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