World Youth Skills Day 2021

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The United Nations created World Youth Skills Day to celebrate the importance of equipping young people with skills for employment and entrepreneurship.

This year on the 15th of July World Youth Skills Day reimagines how we can impart skills in a post-pandemic world and takes stock of how we have adapted.

UNESCO estimates that schools were closed for more than 30 weeks between March 2020 and May 2021 in half the countries of the world. In late June, 19 countries still had full school closures, affecting nearly 157 million learners. And 768 million more learners were affected by partial school closures.

UNESCO, the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the World Bank reported that in this period distance training had become the most common way of imparting skills. *Statistics taken from United Nations website.

COVID-19 caught most of on ill-prepared and school closures have left millions of young people stranded with gaps in their skill sets and wider development. At The Oxbridge Online School, however, "distance training" is what we do, so we were better prepared than most for the crisis.

So, this World Youth Skills Day we want to celebrate just a few of the methods and ideals that we've not only used through the pandemic, but that we practiced before and will continue to practice post-pandemic to overcome the distance between our teachers and students—imparting knowledge, building rounded skillsets and well-rounded individuals, ready to attend the world's best universities and enter skilled employment.

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Depth of Enquiry

Something many traditional schools found difficult when transitioning to online classes during the pandemic was making lessons genuinely stimulating beyond merely conveying information. At the Oxbridge Online School our small class sizes and student-centred approach cultivates a hunger for genuine enquiry. Our teachers are high-level experts in their fields, with master's degrees and PHDs from the world's top universities; well versed in our methods they are tasked with igniting passion in our students, encouraging them to adopt their own stances on the real-world ramifications of our curriculum.

University Skills

At The Oxbridge Online School everything comes back to equipping our students for the step into higher education. Our small class sizes create an environment far more like a top university than most traditional secondary schools. Each day begins with a focus session which often takes the form of a discussion, and after school, students can attend a society of their choosing. These simulate university life and lead to lively debates. We favour a classical British education because we know what the best universities value, and if we can help our students gain entry into top institutions, they will be well on the way to getting top jobs.

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STEM Subjects

We have a special focus on stimulating the interests of girls, boys, and students from any background in the STEM fields that are, and will increasingly be, in high demand in the modern working world. We help our students see that by working hard and investing passion in education, they can learn skills that will get them great jobs and help solve the bigger questions facing humanity.

Traditional Approach, Modern Format

While we favour a classical curriculum, our online format provides students with digital communication skills that will prepare them for the new working world. Online meetings are becoming the new normal and for many of us it has been a challenge to adapt, but while our students benefit from the very human elements of our student-centred approach, they also leave us with as digital natives, having learned so much through our online platform.


These factors, and so many more, make the Oxbridge Online School an ideal route to the skills young people need to succeed in later life.


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