National School Sport Week 2021 at the Oxbridge Online School

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This year the Youth Sport Trust is celebrating the return of youth sport after a year in which collective sport has been stinted by lock-down restrictions. At the Oxbridge Online School, our students are always learning and doing extra-curricular activities remotely, but sport still plays a huge part in their healthy development.

Many sports stars have been homeschooled, often out of necessity as from a young age their schedules demand regular travel or intense training. From tennis star Maria Sharapova, to snowboarder Shaun White, to NBA star Michael Beasley, to the Williams sisters, a plethora of huge sporting names graduated home school of some sort, often achieving great things academically alongside their sporting endeavours.

These figures sometimes go on to transcend their sporting disciplines, becoming the thought leaders and role models of a generation. They're great examples to our students of what you can achieve through hard work and perseverance.

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But whether a student will go on to great things or find a life-long passion in sport as a hobby, we believe it has a unique power to bring people together and ignite imagination in young minds. While we can't physically play sport, all our students are encouraged in their extra-curricular interests; small class sizes and our student-centred approach to learning mean we can cater focus sessions and discussions to their interests.

There's so much you can get out of sport through an online platform, from researching the elite athletes of the day, to looking into finer technical aspects, or exploring the possibilities of careers in sport away from elite competition—we want our students to be enriched holistically by their education, and to be aware of the opportunities available to them in the modern world.

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Sport is also a great opportunity for cultural exchange. Our student body comes from all over the world and sport is a great way to learn about different cultures, learning about the interests of other students or which sports are popular wherever they are in the world.

International sporting events offer a great opportunity to get immersed and have fun, so we're also celebrating the return of sport this summer with events like the Olympics and the Euros offering a welcome distraction to young people after the challenges of the past year.

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The Youth Sport Trust has a range of initiatives you can get involved in this week and going forward… Learn more about National School Sport Week and how to get involved.


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