Cultivating University Skills and Ambitions at the Oxbridge Online Schools

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There are many reasons why students enrol with on at the Oxbridge Online School. Family travel commitments sometimes come into play, or an educated decision might be taken that online home-schooling is the best choice for the child.

However, common with most parents is a desire to instil university ambitions within children and a trust in a school that will help students get into the world's best universities.

Contrary to some belief, online school is not limiting either to a child's imagination or prospects in later life. The Oxbridge Online School is designed to stimulate a big-picture worldview filled with ambition, enquiry and passion, providing the qualifications and skills to unlock routes into higher education in a way rarely found in traditional schooling environments.

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These skills and ambitions are typified by..

A Deep Hunger for Life

Our student-centred approach to learning encourages students to ask questions and builds a real inquisitiveness and desire to explore further. This both gives them the ambition to pursue their academic passions at a higher level and teaches them attitudes and skills of enquiry more akin to higher education.

Borderless Learning

Our student body comes from all over the world, and our students develop a natural, cultural sensitivity and emotional intelligence. This not only nurtures them as well-rounded young people but prepares them for the truly global settings that are the top universities, also allowing them to learn in an open and genuine way about different cultures and belief systems that go far beyond learning from a textbook.

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Inspirational Teachers

Our teachers have been hand-picked to instil the passion they have for their fields of expertise in their pupils. Littered with Oxford and Cambridge graduates and PhDs, our teaching staff are tasked daily not only with conveying information but with igniting ambition—a task they welcome with open arms. Our small class sizes allow them to get to know each child closely, and in turn, their passions rub off on students, producing young people-driven and prepared to reach the highest heights.

University Settings

Our small class sizes also create an environment far more like a top university than most traditional secondary schools. Each day begins with a focus session which often takes the form of a discussion, and after school, students can attend a society of their choosing. These settings are designed to simulate university life and often stimulate lively debates and foster new interests. Extra-curricular activity is critical to most top university applications. Our online settings encourage deep exploration of academic and vocational passions which goes far beyond getting grades and learning to an exam mark scheme.

A Classical British Education

Our decision to offer an authentic and independent British education is what attracts families from all over the world to the Oxbridge Online School. It remains a fact that wherever you are a British education opens up a world of possibilities.

The Oxbridge Online School offers International GCSEs and A-Levels, which are recognised by all the top global institutions. Deeper than this is the reverence for the teaching style and ideals of an independent British education, held across all continents of the world.


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For more details on what a typical day at the Oxbridge Online School looks like, including programmes of study, learning, teaching, and socialising, please visit our  ‘structure’ page.

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