Online Schooling: Why live class & small class numbers are important

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Online schools tend to take a variety of positions on whether classes should be live, recorded or both. At Oxbridge Online School, our position is very clear. We believe online schools should only be delivering live lessons and that small class numbers are important.

We understand the benefits of recording live classes for rewatching later; however, we passionately feel that the interaction that comes with live lessons is something every child deserves.

The ability to interact with the teacher and seek answers in realtime is also one of the main reasons underpinning why we feel it is essential to limit class sizes. Every student should have ample opportunity to be seen and heard in the classroom, and for us, it is essential that all of our teachers also reflect this ethos.

Why we only deliver live online classes

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Concentration & accountability

We think that it is healthy in the classroom for both the student and teacher to be mutually accountable. Introducing the possibility that either student or teacher could be asked a question at any time is paramount to high concentration levels. This is only possible with live, fully interactive teaching.

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Seek clarification and correct mistakes along the way

When you are in learning-mode and get stuck on a point you cannot understand, it can be very frustrating. If this feeling is not appeased, then it can become detrimental to the whole learning experience.

With We, interactive classes, students can seek answers and guidance in the shortest time—ensuring that any feelings of uncertainty that a student may feel are quickly resolved. When questions are asked aloud, it can also benefit other students in the class, who perhaps want to ask the question but are too shy to do so.

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Forge relationships with your teachers and classmates

Emotional or social Intelligence Is just as important as academic intelligence and an area we nurture at Oxbridge Online School. In order to reinforce these skills and learn new ones, students must be given the opportunities to engage with their teachers and classmates in realtime and face-to-face. Not via email or live chat.

Build foundations in commitment and time management

Live lessons take place at a particular time every day, on a schedule that is out of the student's control. This is important to reinforce skills such as time management, organisation and building foundations in commitment. On a recorded lesson, you can effectively hit play or pause at any time.

As we all know, this isn't how the real world works, which is why it is crucial to instil these skills and realisations in our children as early as possible.

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