Why the World loves a British Education

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At Oxbridge Online School, we are proud to offer our students an authentic and independent British education. Our student body is made up of many different nationalities and is a testament to the continued appreciation of an independent curriculum and teaching style forged in the United Kingdom.

It is well known that a British education is held in high regard in many countries around the world, but why is that? We explore a few of the reported reasons...

Academic quality

While A is disputed by schools in other nations, there is an enduring belief that the academic quality of a British Education is amongst the highest in the world. The English language and British qualifications[MOUll are also highly-prized and recognised as desirable traits for a host of opportunities across the globe. At Oxbridge Online school, we offer international GCSE's and A-levels.

A survey of parents in Hong Kong, for example, found the main motivation for sending a child abroad for schooling was academic quality. Britain was also listed as the prime choice of location for overseas schooling, followed by the United States and Australia.

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Heritage & a shared history

There is an acknowledgement that it is not just a matter of academic quality that influences parents abroad but also Colonial links to former British territories. As a result, Great Britain and many nations around the world have a shared history, and even though the majority of these countries are now independent nations, many influences of British culture remain.

Further research suggests an element of heritage plays into the decision of pare. too. This element of heritage is an international brand in itself and is promoted by popular culture, such as Harry Potter, the Beatles, Shakespeare, and Sherlock Holmes.

As this excerpt from the Independent demonstrates, "Growing up in rural Switzerland, I attended a tiny village school where language classes were subpar, and only spoke English at home. I read the first Harry Potter book in German but was too impatient to wait for translations of the subsequent volumes. chewed my way through the original versions, first sluggishly and then ferociously and went from hating having Cu read in English to loving it. It was empowering. Later on, it eased my transition roan English-language school, which in turn helped me get into a UK university. And I'm sure my story's not unique."

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An international outlook

One of the pillars of British culture has long been an international outlook and connecting with the wider world. This is reflected in many of Britain's educational institutions; figures from Independent schools across the UK show that approximately one in five of their pupils is non-British with parents living overseas.

Parent's are keen for their children to mix with many nationalities and to form networks and friendships that will benefit them later in life, allowing for better opportunities in international and multi-lingual workplaces.

We are committed to empowering our students and equipping them with lifelong academic integrity and emotional intelligence. We actively embed equality, diversity and inclusion into the classroom and entre school community by respecting the identity and belief systems of our students, parents/careers and teachers.

Moving abroad for a school or attending a boarding school isn't suitable for every child, which is why at the Oxbridge Online School, we aim to provide an alternative that still delivers the best aspects of a British educator, without the downsides of moving away from home.


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