How Online School Equips Young People for the Modern World

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At the Oxbridge Online School, we offer an authentic and independent British education with a decidedly modern outlook. This duality reflects two of our underpinning beliefs:

1. The value of a classical British education shows no sign of depreciating.

It is most likely to provide entry into the world's most prestigious universities and is the best overall formative education for our children. Our students become truly passionate about academic disciplines and gain a respect and understanding of their guiding principles.

2. Young people must be prepared for a rapidly changing world.

While we hold traditional educational values, there is no point pretending that our students will grow up in the same world we did—that would do them a great disservice. There's will be a fast-paced, global, tech-heavy world, and we believe that our format is ideally suited to preparing young people for the world they will inhabit as adults. These are some of the reasons why...

A Level Playing Field

An online learning environment is the ultimate leveller. The everyday pressures of a traditional schooling environment often lead students down paths that are not in their best interests, they can feel inadequate or disenfranchised, but our platform and style of teaching brings the best out of students and encourages them to follow their passions to fruition.

We stimulate the interests of girls, boys, and students from any background in the STEM fields that are, and will increasingly be, in high demand in the modern world. We help our students see that (through hard work) the world can be their oyster.

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We believe that individual attention should be a given in any child's education. Unfortunately, this is not the case for most students. Small class sizes allow us to give every student the attention they deserve. We treat each student as an individual and encourage them to be themselves and ask as many questions as they can to form their own worldview.

This also helps them build a genuine understanding and passion in their academic pursuits. A well-rounded, individualised education is what makes our students stand out to university admissions boards. Their genuine, inquisitive interest in the real- world ramifications of their subjects also equips them brilliantly for higher education, and for the complexities of the modern world of work.

Pastoral Care

Sadly, mental health problems among young people are at an all-time high. The pressures of traditional schooling environments are often part of the problem and individual emotional issues often go unnoticed, especially at larger traditional schools. There are new pressures put on young people all the time by influences like social media, and the complex ways in which they affect children are emerging all the time.

Our platform provides a safe, secure and nurturing environment for development. Small class sizes enable us to cater for the needs of every student, most of whom leave us with a caring sensitivity that will serve them well in later life.

A Diverse Community

In an increasingly global and culturally conscious world, cultural sensitivity and awareness is a vital asset to have. Our student body is made up of many different nationalities and backgrounds, all with unique stories of what has led them to the Oxbridge Online School. As members of this international community our students become true Afizens of the world. Through our philosophy of borderless learning, children naturally embrace multiculturism and are enriched socially and academically by cultural exchange. This also prepares them for a modern working world which is likely to require them to operate across borders.

Communication Without Limits

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift towards online communication. Many have found themselves badly prepared or ill-equipped with the skills to navigate the online world of work, school, or social life.

Post-pandemic, many people will be able to return to work or education as normal, but the global crisis has offered us a view into a future in which digital communication will be as important (if not more so) than all other forms. Online schooling produces digital natives, and well young people with communication skills set to last them long into the future, in whatever pursuits they decide to follow.

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