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Chancellor’s Greetings

“Welcome to Oxbridge Online School! We are an ambitious school that combines traditional British educational values and culture with a modern and innovative outlook. Our academic programme is rigorous, follows an international curriculum and is designed to ensure that our students get into the most prestigious universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial in the UK, as well as worldwide.

We expect them to become thought leaders of the future. Our outstanding staff not only impart top-quality education, they also foster a safe and nurturing learning environment in our small class setting. We are inclusive and are proud to have students from all nations, religions and cultures. I am sure that your journey with our school will be a fun, rewarding and successful experience.”

Online Secondary School

Prof. Raja Nagarajan

  • Our Ethos

    We recognise that by creating borderless learning, children naturally embrace multiculturalism. We foster respect for all – students and teachers alike.

    Our broad-minded approach leads to an understanding and appreciation of the rich dimensions of diversity as we learn from societies across the world.

  • Our Philosophy

    Our philosophy of education is student-centered, developing a love of wisdom by encouraging students to challenge and question through thought-provoking engagement.

    At Oxbridge Online School we value both classical and modern philosophical approaches to education and appreciate that a balanced academic career lies in combining nurturing and stimulating education, which inspires a love of learning.

  • Our Commitment

    The Oxbridge Online School team are committed to empowering our students and equipping them with the academic integrity and emotional intelligence life skills.

    We actively embed equality, diversity and inclusion into the classroom and entire school community by respecting the identity and belief systems of our students, parents/careers and teachers.

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