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Learning Enrichment

At our core is the knowledge that there is no standard path for all. We are driven by the desire to steer each of our children to realise their full potential by breaking down barriers to learning. Our Learning Enrichment team work with each student to identify their learning style and ensure that our teachers are equipped with the tools to deliver bespoke learning.

All students will receive regular study skills sessions to provide them with the strategies and techniques to succeed at every stage of their academic development in reading, writing and communication skills that can be applied to every subject.

All students have a dedicated guidance counsellor and join our peer mentoring scheme.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Students with other learning challenges or needs will work with our Learning Enrichment specialists, individually and in small groups where appropriate.

Students can undergo screening tests to determine if they have any underlying specific learning difficulties and where appropriate, referrals can be made for parents for full diagnostic assessments.

We firmly believe that these are all reasonable adjustments and as such, all the support  your child might benefit from is provided without additional cost.

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Assessments, Tests and Formal Examinations Provisions (Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments) could include:

  • Scribe / Speech Recognition Technology
  • Reader / Text-to-Speech Reading Technology
  • Reading Aloud / Examination Reading Pen Technology
  • Coloured Papers
  • Enlarged Papers
  • Modified Language Papers
  • Transcription of Listening Tests/Videos
  • Word Processor
  • Extra time
  • Supervised Rest breaks

We understand that examinations can be a stressful time for your child and family so we will make all of the necessary arrangements for your child to sit examinations at a Pearson Edexcel International Centre, including any access arrangements.

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