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A Typical Day

Our full-time school runs between 08:30 and 15:20 (UK time) Monday to Friday, with mid-morning and lunch breaks. Individual timings and classes are detailed on your timetable.

The day begins with a focus session, either assembly or discussion, which is followed by registration. This is a perfect opportunity to catch-up with teachers and friends, and prepare for the day ahead before starting lessons.

After school, students can attend a society and socialise with friends or engage with their personal sports and hobbies. All we ask, is that you also make time to focus on your homework.

Programmes of study

Oxbridge students study a broad range of subjects to equip them with the knowledge and enthusiasm to make crucial subject choices that will shape their higher education careers and adult life. To achieve this, learning must be enjoyable, stimulating and stretching – this is where our teachers excel!

We appreciate that we do not all learn at the same pace in all subjects, and do not believe in holding students back. Grouping students by ability enables each one to reach their potential and progress at the correct pace.

To give students the best possible learning experience, we keep our classes small.

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Learning and Teaching

Lessons are delivered via video where students can securely interact and engage with their teachers and peers.

Our state-of-the-art learning platform and mobile app allow students, parents and teachers to communicate with ease and track attainment and progression.

Lesson materials are provided in advance and remain accessible for revision. Students upload homework and receive feedback through the learning platform.

Focus Sessions

Assemblies are an integral part of school life and are an ideal opportunity to raise awareness and provide focus for the day ahead. To maximise student engagement, we tailor assemblies according to year groups and current affairs, ensuring that the information is pertinent and contemporary – students are encouraged to actively participate. Students also attend whole-school assemblies, which are perfect for celebrating student success, sharing wider information and guiding us as a community.

After assembly, students begin lessons, which are kept to forty-five minutes with a short break between each subject as this is optimum for concentration. Students have mid-morning energise sessions, which are fun, active and great for refocusing the mind.

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Inspirational Lectures

We host regular guest lectures delivered by internationally recognised academics, sharing their insight, expertise and passion for their academic discipline. These are particularly aspirational for our upper secondary and pre-university students as they embark on selecting their GCSEs and A Levels.

This also familiarises students with the structure of learning and teaching in higher education, preparing them to become more autonomous learners. Lower secondary students and parents will also find these stimulating and enriching.

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